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    Vacuum furnace
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    Selection of heating chamber type of vacuum furnace

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    Selection of heating chamber type of vacuum furnace
    Graphite screen type (hard felt and soft felt):
    Suitable for general steel quenching furnace, annealing furnace, etc. It is also suitable for high temperature brazing, powder metallurgy material, ceramic material sintering and so on.
    Metal screen type (molybdenum):
    It is suitable for quenching, solution and annealing of materials with high requirements for furnace environment (such as superalloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, magnet materials, etc.); vacuum high temperature brazing and sintering of powder injection molding products.
    Metal screen type (stainless steel):
    Suitable for tempering, stress relief annealing, aging, vacuum aluminum brazing and other low-temperature furnace.
    Composite screen type (metal + ceramic fiber or graphite felt):
    The inner surface is scour resistant, which is between the metal type and graphite screen type.

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    Address: No.1, Nanzhuan Road, Shuangfeng
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