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    Vacuum furnace
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    Characteristics of vacuum steam quenching furnace

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      The vacuum quenching furnace is composed of heating furnace cover and movable underframe. It is a very advanced vacuum heat treatment equipment at present. Its excellent performance and unique design provide a wide range of features, such as vacuum bright gas quenching, annealing, sintering and rapid cooling of magnetic materials, which are suitable for high-precision parts of high-speed steel, die steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy and other alloy materials.
      Equipment features of vacuum quenching furnace:
      (1) temperature uniformity
      To achieve the temperature uniformity required by the user, it is based on the circulating fan, air guide cover plate, furnace structure and electric heating power
      Distribution and layout of electric heating elements, control mode and process, furnace door structure and other related design to ensure.
      (2) advanced mechanical system
      The advanced nature of the system is guaranteed by design, component selection, quality and machining quality. The mechanical system runs stably and reliably, and the equipment is in low noise and low vibration state.
      (3) perfect control system
      It can achieve accurate temperature control at 100-650 ℃, the system is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, the human error operation is avoided, and the functions are complete.
      (4) rapid and adjustable quenching transfer time
      The open door of furnace bottom, double speed lifting mechanism and advanced mechanical system make the quenching transfer fast and reliable, and the time can be adjusted according to the user's process requirements.
      Vacuum furnace, vacuum gas quenching furnace, steam quenching furnace

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