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    Vacuum furnace
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    Development history of vacuum furnace

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    "2010-2012 China vacuum furnace professional market in-depth discussion and investment prospect analysis statement" in many meticulous market research, mainly based on the National Bureau of statistics, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the research center of the State Council, the General Administration of Customs of China, vacuum furnace professional association, relevant domestic and foreign publications, and vacuum furnace professional research units Buhe provided a lot of materials, contacted and deepened the market investigation materials, and based on the impact of the financial crisis on the global and China's macro-economy, policies and primary occupations at that time, discussed the operation status of all vacuum furnace occupations and related occupations, discussed and judged the future development environment and development trend of vacuum furnace occupations, and finally, based on the previous analysis and speculation, This paper discusses the future strategy of vacuum furnace profession, and gives the reasonable credit risk proposition, which provides the vacuum furnace company with the first opportunity in the fierce market competition under the current environment, adjusts the business strategy in time according to the occupational environment, and provides the accurate market information and scientific decision-making basis for the strategic investors to select the appropriate investment opportunities and the company's leaders to make strategic planning, together with the bank The credit part also has great reference value.
    China's vacuum furnaces have broad prospects for development:
    (1) since the 80's of last century, high pressure gas quenching has been widely used to replace oil quenching in foreign countries to avoid cleaning process and improve the surface quality of workpieces. At the beginning of the 1990s, high-frequency quenching machines (20-40) × 105Pa have been developed abroad. As mentioned above, high-temperature and high-pressure vacuum furnaces with working pressure up to 100 × 105Pa and working temperature up to 2200 ℃ have been developed. The trend towards high temperature and high pressure will continue. (2) widely select computer microelectronics skills and network skills, develop intelligent control system and network management system, and complete the flexibility and connection of vacuum furnace skills and equipment. (3) further improve the degree of automation and control accuracy, the primary technical indicators are: ① furnace temperature uniformity ≤± 3 ℃; ② inflation pressure 5 × 105Pa ~ 20 × 105Pa, argon hydrogen mixture controlled cooling and recovery; ③ maximum heating temperature 2500 ℃; ④ pressure rise rate < 6.67 × 10-1pa / h; ⑤ true air degree 10-2Pa ~ 10-4Pa. (4) develop vacuum isotherm heat treatment skills, equipment and intelligent control system. (5) develop vacuum induction heating skills. (6) develop vacuum degreasing cleaning skills and equipment and promote their use. (7) development and application of vacuum ion implantation and vacuum ion coating technology and equipment. (8) under the promotion of computer skills, the vacuum furnace skills C a D and vacuum furnace Planning C a D skills are widely used to complete the optimization planning of vacuum furnace skills and vacuum furnace layout.

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